fortunately, it’s a sunny night
… fortunately, it’s a sunny night, and piercing flashes of vivid colors break through the dark shades of gray and blue, the rugged expanses of rocky massifs are replaced by dense lines of tall forests and colorful accents of moss and shrubs - the new Archivarius collection is inspired by the mysterious, sometimes gloomy, but no less bewitching nature of the Kola peninsula, the native land of the designers.
Twin sister duo Kseniia and Elizaveta Fedorovy were inspired by the atmospheric works of the Karelian landscape painter and graphic artist Oleg Juntunen, in whose original artworks stones, logs, water, gray sky, forest, and earth become the main characters. “Traveling” with him across the endless northern expanses, the designers filled their work with the same calm and confidence with a touch of mystery. Smooth curves of seams and folds merge in an unexpectedly harmonious union with pointed corners and sharp lines of expressive details.